Customer engagement evolves constantly, and the average B2B customer has grown accustomed to connecting with software and SaaS providers via nontraditional means. Learn to engage effectively with — and successfully convert — more prospects with a customer engagement strategy guided by buyer data and intelligence.

Download this white paper to target customers with the appropriate channel mix, craft messaging based on the evolving purchase journey, and discover long-term strategies any software company can use to optimize customer engagement.

What’s inside:

  1. Understand customer behavior and journey maps.
    Visualize buyer purchase journey stages and learn how to choose more effective communication tactics and channels.
  2. Build or improve a multichannel marketing strategy.
    Diversify marketing channels and messaging more strategically to ensure customers see the right messages at the right time.
  3. Craft a more effective targeting approach with ABM.
    Align sales and marketing to improve outreach based on high-value customer expectations.