Winning Buyers’ Trust with Always-On Customer Reviews


Having an always-on customer review collection process was fundamental for Auctria to continuously collect feedback from their users to build buyers’ trust. In Auctria’s industry of auction and event fundraising software, there are many key stakeholders and departments involved in the purchase decision. Auctria’s most critical priority was to give their users an outlet to provide feedback without bias. By collecting and showcasing user feedback in third-party reviews, Auctria aimed to boost their digital footprint in the fundraising space to attract more prospective users while they research.

Gartner Digital Markets helped Auctria to establish social proof for prospective users and further establish their presence and brand reputation on Capterra with the Review Collection Service. Auctria learned how to tell a better customer experience story through the voice of their customer reviews, which in turn attracts more prospective customers.

Business impact

With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, Auctria was able to:

  • Launch an always-on review collection campaign to continuously collect feedback from users
  • Generate 15 insightful user reviews in under three months, helping them become eligible for the Capterra Shortlist and Software Advice Frontrunners badges
  • Use their new reviews and badges as social proof to prospective users 
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Every business should have a listing on Gartner Digital Markets. Gartner Digital Markets is a great place for buyers to see unbiased information, read reviews, and get a better sense for what’s going on in the industry itself.

Laurie Hochman

Marketing Director, Auctria

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