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Aaron Rosenbaum

Sr Director Analyst

Aaron Rosenbaum is an Analyst on the Data Management team following operational DBMS, nonrelational DBMS, cloud infrastructure for DBMS as well as pricing and contracting for DBMS.

Previous experience

Mr. Rosenbaum most recently headed Strategy for MarkLogic where he was a leader in both cloud products as well as monetization. Earlier, he worked at a number of early DBMS and Cloud innovators including Ingres, Cohera, Corio as well as DARPA.

Professional background


Chief Strategy Officer


EVP, Product, IOT


VP, Product Management

Areas of coverage

Data Management Solutions

Security of Applications and Data

Executive Leadership: Data and Analytics

Technology Markets and Companies Insights for Investors

Adopt Modern Architectures and Technologies


BA, Liberal Studies, Math, St. Johns College (MD)

Thomas Watson Foundation Fellow

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Where do cloud DBMS products fit into modern enterprise architectures?

2How do I make my data infrastructure more scalable and resilient?

3Why should I choose a nonrelational dbms? Why not?

4How should I prepare for very high transaction loads?

5How do I keep my data and data infrastructure secure?

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