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Alexandre Oddos

VP Analyst

Alexandre Oddos is a VP analyst in the TSP organisation covering CRM Customer Services & Support. This ranges across the entire customer experience with a focus for vendors and end user customers on how to greatly orchestrate this. Customer Services and Support covers CCI & CCaas, Customer Engagement Center, Digital Services, Workforce Engagement Management, Fiels services management.

Previous experience

I was the deputy CEO in charge of globally orchestrating activities for all our international regions covering, sales, marketing, operations, support, services. This implied also full P&L management, strategy, 3 year business plan, and making sure the company was orchestrating its activities to be aligned with Shareholders strategy. (ie: cloud)

Professional background




Chief Operating Office


Managing director business application (CRM-ERP)

Areas of coverage

Product Strategy and Launch for Tech CEOs

Product Planning

Product Development

Product Introduction

Product Life Cycle Management


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Coventry University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Top trends in Customer Service and support?

2Pricing products smartly?

3Optimizing product lifecycle?

4Packaging products

5managing customer retention