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Annette Zimmermann

VP Analyst

Annette Zimmermann is a VP Analyst in the TSP Product Management team, and her coverage focus is supporting product managers in various markets including personal devices and indoor location services. Especially on the topic of location technologies, she also spends a large portion of her time with Gartner's IT end-user clients to help with their asset and people tracking initiatives across various industries. This includes the analysis of a wide area of location technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, RFID and UWB.

As part of Gartner's emerging technologies research initiatives, Ms. Zimmermann's topics expand to an additional area: Emotion AI technologies, encompassing technologies such as voice-based emotion analysis and computer vision-based facial expression detection.

Finally, she helps Technology and Service Providers with their environmental sustainability efforts. In her research she discusses key sustainability trends and opportunities of enabling technologies. Further, her insights help TSP product leaders to shape their product strategy by making environmental goals such as Sustainability by Design an integral part of it.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Ms. Zimmermann was a Management Consultant at Barkawi & Partner based in Munich, Germany.

Professional background

Barkawi & Partner


Areas of coverage

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Product Planning

Product Development

Technology Market Essentials


Master of Arts, Cum Laude, Science, Society and Technology Studies, University of Maastricht

Master of International Business, International Business Studies, University of Maastricht

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Helping product manager in mobile devices (indoor) location service providers with competitive analysis and differentiation

2Indoor location services: Help IT Leaders with their strategy to deploy an indoor location/LI platform

3Discuss with end-users new technology trends and use cases in Emotion AI

4Helping IT Leaders with deciding on the right indoor location technology and provide insight on technology outlook

5Apple's strategy