Gartner Expert

Anthony Mullen

Sr Director Analyst

Anthony Mullen conducts cross-domain research, often collaborating with other areas of Gartner for deeper insights into personal technologies. Current research themes include: virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and bots, artificial intelligence (AI) and conversational platforms, multidimensional wellness and health, citizens roles and technologies within smart cities, predictive analytics and user data as well as macrotrends and forecast modeling across personal technologies.

Roles and responsibility

Personal Technology Vendors, Strategic Planners, R&D, Product Marketers, Product Management, Analyst Relations, CMOs

End User: CEO, CIO, CTO, Senior Analytics Manager

Previous experience

Mr. Mullen's work has been with Fortune 500 organizations, supporting them from research, ideas generation and prototyping through to development and deployment of innovative products, architecture and services.

During his career, he has been instrumental in delivering a number of industry firsts across telecom, media, social and wearables technology.

Recently, he worked with a data science team exploring machine learning, big data, analytics and AI techniques to unlock answers to complex problems in areas like customer journeys, mobility, smart cities, wearables, health, automotive and retail.

Professional background

Profusion - Data Science Consultancy

Practice Lead - R&D and Consulting

Forrester Research

Senior Analyst for Emerging Technology

Global telecom and media companies

Mobile and Innovation Consultant

Areas of coverage

New Market Opportunities

Product Strategy (retired)

Maximize Personal Technology Platforms to Shape User Experiences (retired)

Maximize Personal Technologies to Evolve Product Portfolios (retired)

Innovate in Product Strategy for Technology and Service Providers (retired)


Honors Degree in Computer Science

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Implications and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) for consumer/user products

2Strategy and tactics for virtual personal agents (VPAs) and bots

3Understanding user trends from behaviors and usage to interaction design preferences

4The role of citizens and their technologies within smart cities

5How to develop or engage with data science teams, analytics and cognitive sciences