Gartner Expert

Auria Asadsangabi

Principal, Research

Analyze and interpret business problems using root cause analysis, hypothesis generation, survey design, benchmarking, and other qualitative and quantitative methods.

Support and manage key research deliverables, such as: large research studies, white papers, case studies, presentations and webinars, templates, toolkits, and custom research requests.

Support the team through other tasks, such as: coordinating and conducting research interviews with senior executives, academics and industry experts, organizing meetings and teleconferences and preparing research materials and summaries for the team.

Previous experience

Created research products that informed business, market and policy decisions and supported NEDO's mid- and long-term technology innovation strategies.

Designed and facilitated meetings between NEDO leadership and other institutions across the U.S. to broker agreements and strengthen business relationships.

Professional background

New Energy and Industrial Technology (NEDO)

Research Analyst


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Georgetown University

Master of Science (MS), Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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