Gartner Expert

Ben Yan

Director Analyst

Ben is a Director Analyst in Data & Analytics located in Beijing. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence topics, including AI techniques, data, use cases, applications, skills and organization setup.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Ben worked at Daimler as Product Manager for 4 years on IT digitalization projects. He also led AI studies within the organization and worked as AI trainer and consultant on multiple AI initiatives. Before that, Ben was in IT field for 10 years at global corporates including Sony and Lenovo, as Application Manager and Project Manager deeply engaged in the digital revolution (from waterfall, on premise, monolithic to agile, cloud, microservices).

Professional background


Product Manager, Digitalization / AI consultant


AM Manager, Customer Facing Applications


Project Manager, EAI and B2B

Areas of coverage

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Technical Professionals


Bachelor of Computer Science, Beijing University of Technology;

Holds PMP and self-driving car engineer certificates

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are the AI pitfalls Data & Analytics Leaders might meet, and how to avoid them?

2How to manage AI solutions as products instead of projects?

3How to build AI teams and skills with more business value added?

4What are the promising techniques in AI?

5What are the inspiring use cases in industries?