Gartner Expert

Blakeley Hartfelder

Sr Director, Research

Blakeley Hartfelder develops resources HR executives can use to effectively and efficiently attract, engage and manage the talent they need to drive their businesses forward. Specifically, in her role, she creates and manages others to produce research studies and whitepapers, identifies best practices in HR functional management and partners directly with HR leaders from across the globe to help them grow their careers and their businesses. Her current work focuses on helping CHROs understand how to create strategies, operating models and budgets to drive business results effectively and efficiently.

Previous experience

Ms. Hartfelder also has research experience in talent analytics, performance management, HR transformation, CHRO-board relationships, CHRO onboarding, change management and talent acquisition.

Areas of coverage

CHRO Effectiveness

HR Function Strategy and Management

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1HR strategy

2HR operating model

3HR transformation

4HR talent

5HR cost and budget