Gartner Expert

Bryan E Haley

Assoc Principal Analyst

Bryan Haley is a research analyst aligned to Gartner for General Managers. His research primarily focuses on market trends, technology and using data to identify opportunities.

Previous experience

In his previous roles, Bryan led data analysis initiatives, helped design visuals and methodologies, and collaborated on tech trends, process improvement and research in healthcare, technology and data science.

Professional background

Institute of Healthcare Optimization

Associate Analytics Consultant

Public Schools of Brookline

Data Analyst

Areas of coverage

Strategize Long-Term Growth (retired)

Extend and Defend Current Market Share (retired)

Technology Market Essentials

Optimize Growth Pivots (retired)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Market sizing and forecasting

2Identifying new growth opportunities

3Improving competitive win rate

4Gartner's Peer Indexed Portfolio

5Peer Insights Data