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Chris Chandler

Principal, Advisory

Chris Chandler is an Advisor on the Tech Marketing team within the Technology and Service Providers (TSP) practice. He assists Tech Marketers and CEOs with messaging, positioning and storytelling. He also advises clients on sales hiring, compensation. Furthermore, he advises emerging vendors on Account-Based Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, and Voice of Customer initiatives.

Previous experience

Previously, Chris was an Account Executive for Gartner's midsize enterprise vendor clients, assisting CEO's and their teams on their go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining Gartner, Chris graduated from University of Central Florida's Professional Selling Program.

Professional background


Account Executive

Areas of coverage

Product and Services Strategy for Tech CEOs

Scalable Business Operations for Tech CEOs

Marketing and Sales Execution for Tech CEOs

Messaging and Differentiation


Bachelors Degree, Marketing & Sales, University of Central Florida, Professional Selling Program

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Sales Deck, Website, Case Study and Marketing/ Sales Job Description Document Reviews

2Startup and Midsize Enterprise Sales Hiring and Compensation

3Sales Development Representative (SDR) Enablement and Best Practices

4Account Based Marketing (ABM)

5Competitive Intelligence and Voice of Customer for Emerging Technology Vendors