Gartner Expert

Craig Fisler

Director Analyst

Craig Fisler is an Analyst in the Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations team. Mr. Fisler advises clients on all aspects of desktop virtualization (DaaS, VDI, SBC...)

Previous experience

Recently at NTT DATA Craig advised customers and designed custom workplace solutions to help enterprises move to a more modern management approach.

Prior to that at DXC/HPE, Craig was a portfolio architect where he researched, design and documented the standard Virtual Desktop solution to be leveraged by workplace architects for customer specific engagements.

Professional background


Sr. Advisor - Workplace


Portfolio Architect


Workplace Engineer

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Infrastructure and IT Operations


BS in Accounting with honors

Rochester Institute of Technology

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Moving VDI to the cloud

2Improving VDI performance

3Reducing VDI costs

4Simplifying the operation of VDI environment

5Measuring end user experience