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Craig Lowery

VP Analyst

Craig Lowery, Ph.D., is a VP Analyst in Gartner's Technology and Service Provider group. Although he dedicates most of his time to the specific needs of technology product managers, he also gives advice and writes research to IT leaders. He covers cloud computing in general, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and managed services for public cloud. Other areas of expertise and interest include cloud native computing architectures, the emerging "container" ecosystem (lightweight virtualization), serverless computing such as AWS Lambda, cloud application development models, cloud service expense management, cloud management platforms, internal cloud service brokerage and organizational models, and cloud service pricing models.

Previous roles include chief cloud architect for cloud management products, technical executive for merger and acquisition activities of cloud-related startups, senior distinguished engineer in a large enterprise software company CTO division, and associate professor and director of Graduate Studies of Computer Science.

Common inquiries addressed:

* Technical and go-to-market considerations for cloud managed services and tooling providers.

* Technical and go-to-market considerations for cloud-based solutions.

* The role of cloud-native technologies and patterns in software product architecture.

Top three trends observed in the market:

* Customers are finally understanding the cloud-native value proposition of cloud computing.

* Hybrid and multicloud architectures are the new norm for IT.

* Customers are realizing that a key to effective digital transformation is to source capabilities as a service rather than build them from scratch.

Previous experience

In his most recent role at Dell, Dr. Lowery developed and promulgated a differentiated cloud reference architecture to guide the software group's system management product strategy, as well as performing technical due diligence and executive integration functions for several acquisitions including Enstratius (Dell Cloud Manager). He was also an in-demand presenter for enterprise briefings and high-profile customer engagements.

Professional background


Sr. Distinguished Engineer and Executive Director

Mississippi College

Associate Professor

Areas of coverage

Cloud Computing (retired)

Product Leadership

Product Planning

Product Development

Messaging and Differentiation


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Vanderbilt University

Master's degree in Computer Science, Vanderbilt University

Double-Major Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, , Mississippi College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Help technology and service providers understand and act advantageously on cloud-related market trends.

2Provide specific insights to professional and managed service providers on cloud technologies and trends.

3Help end-user clients with cloud strategy, how to source expertise, and cloud services.

4Help technology product managers drive product strategy and go-to-market activities.

5Explain what makes an application cloud native. Discuss new cloud technologies and how they are radically different than what has gone on before in private data centers.