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Daniel B. Stang

VP Analyst

Daniel B. Stang is a Vice President Analyst at Gartner, covering strategic portfolio management (SPM), enterprise program and portfolio management (EPPM), and project and portfolio management (PPM). His expertise includes creating processes for and leveraging strategy realization, enterprise program and portfolio management, project portfolio management, and adaptive project management for continuous delivery. Mr. Stang leverages his expertise in these areas to help Gartner clients establish, scale, and harvest desired business outcomes supporting digital business.

Mr. Stang is a Key Initiative Leader for Gartner's PPM practice area. He defines the PPM research vision for his team, and helps guide the Gartner PPM team in creating breakthrough, provocative, and pragmatic research deliverables supporting the needs of business and IT leaders pursuing digital business.

As part of a continuous research process, Mr. Stang leads PPM-related market research coverage at Gartner, including breakthrough coverage of the emergent Strategic Portfolio Management technology market. Mr. Stang has led and authored multiple Magic Quadrant and Market Guides related to PPM for more than 20 years as a PPM analyst.

As part of his duties, Mr. Stang helps Gartner clients define PPM and portfolio management processes for their organizations and create strategies for automating them. He can help clients build PPM technology shortlists based on their specific needs. His research also includes strategy roadmaps for domain specific PMOs and enterprise PMOs.

Mr. Stang also provides consulting and strategic advisory services for a number of PPM and other technology providers operating in the PPM market and other markets, as well.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Stang worked for a niche IT-based research company, tracking a variety of software technologies and providers, including those offering ERP applications, application development tools, project management systems, document management systems, and web authoring and development software.

Professional background

Thomas Scientific


Faulkner Information Services


Areas of coverage

Program and Portfolio Management Leaders

Strategic Portfolio Management


B.A., English, LaSalle University, Philadelphia

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do we build an effective strategy realization office and/or enterprise PMO?

2How do we build and evolve our IT project portfolio management office (PMO)?

3How do we leverage an EPMO to support execution of digital business investments and transformational programs?

4What technologies should we use to drive effective strategic portfolio management?

5What technologies should we use to drive effective continuous delivery supporting digital business scaling and harvesting?