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Elizabeth Jones

Director Analyst

Elizabeth Beard is a Director Analyst based out of Nashville, TN. In this role, Ms. Beard works closely with sales leaders across a variety of industries, geographies and sizes so they can learn and apply best practices that will help them to benchmark, upgrade and stay ahead in key areas of strategic and tactical importance. She is particularly focused on areas such as sales enablement, sales motions and sales methodologies.

Previous experience

Ms. Beard joined Gartner as a Sales Expert in 2018, and has more than 15 years of experience in various sales, sales training, and sales enablement roles in a number of different industries and organizations. Her previous roles include both inside and outside sales, channel sales, acquisition sales (hunter), account management (farmer), sales management, sales training, learning and development, coaching, mentorship, sales enablement, sales operations, sales methodology implementation and execution, and ROI analysis for sales training.

Gartner Sales Expert since 2018

7 years in IT industry

15+ years overall sales experience, including training, enablement, and strategy

Professional background

VMware (and AirWatch)

Performance Consultant (Sales Enablement Manager)


Senior Sales Trainer


Sales Excellence / Enablement - Development Coach Supervisor

Areas of coverage

Messaging and Differentiation

Demand Generation

Sales Enablement

Sales Strategy and Leadership

Sales Execution

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Sales Methodologies and Commercial Insights: Branded and perceived sales methodology choice, implementation, and reinforcement

2Customer Journey Mapping: Aligning the customer buying journey with the sales process

3Sales Enablement and Buyer Enablement: Creating enablement strategies that align seller needs with buyer needs, revenue enablement platforms, sales enablement technology

4Sales Plays and Commercial Insights: Topics on how to execute on desired seller skills and behaviors as well as developing a commercial insight

5Talent Development and Competencies: Creating or revamping sales onboarding, sales manager coaching, and other frontline talent development initiatives, including generating effective competencies