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Emily Strother

Director, Team Manager

Emily Strother is a Principal Researcher with Gartner's Human Resources Practice. In this role, she supports HR executives in the areas of employee experience, culture, employee value proposition and engagement. Her most recent research initiatives include The Modern Employee Experience and Measuring Culture Through Change.

Previous experience

Previously, Ms. Strother worked with Gartner's Human Resources Practice on diversity, equity and inclusion research supporting D&I executives and their teams by helping shape and execute D&I strategies and providing leaders with practical, easy-to-implement tools. In her role, she developed the employee resource group (ERG) leader product strategy and created client facing virtual learning opportunities.

Areas of coverage

Employee Experience


BA from Wake Forest School of Business with a major in Business Enterprise Management, a concentration in nonprofit management and minor in sociology.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Organizational Culture

2Employee Experience Design and Delivery

3Employee Engagement

4Employee Value Proposition (EVP)