Gartner Expert

Fay Fei

Sr Principal Analyst

Fay is a Sr. Principal Analyst at Gartner. She specializes in analytics and business intelligence area, including reporting, dashboarding, self-service analytics, augmented analytics, cloud-based analytics.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Fay has worked in product management role in SAP, mainly focusing on both on-premise and cloud analytics solutions. She has served clients in multiple industries especially manufacturing, real-estate, automotive, and Energy & Utilities. She has experienced in and successfully supported cloud migration paths for many BI projects.

Professional background


Senior Product Manager

Areas of coverage

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Data and Analytics Programs and Practices

Chief Data and Analytics Officer Leadership


Delft University of Technology

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to get started with BI and analytics, how to strategize?

2How to take advantage of key market trends in BI and analytics?

3Which vendors or tools to adopt and invest in for BI and analytics?

4How to strategize and maximize the value of cloud-based BI platform.

5How to migrate from on-premise to cloud-based BI solutions