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Franz Stefan Hinner

Sr Director Analyst

Franz S. Hinner is a Sr. Director Analyst in the Endpoint Security team specializing in cybersecurity, endpoint protection platforms (EPP), endpoint detection & response (EDR), extended detection & response (XDR), next-generation endpoint & email security. Franz has a proven track record of creating industry-leading & revolutionizing product solutions. Mr. Hinner has 20+ years of visionary, results-oriented leadership experience in security, cybersecurity, endpoint protection, endpoint management, system management & identity management. Franz's focus over the last 15+ years was building genuine Software as a Service Cloud solutions that significantly changes how customers use software infrastructure & provide the financial structures for fiscal success.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, he envisioned Trend Micro's technology stack & drove the strategic vision for a pure multi-tenant cloud endpoint & email solution.

Previous to Trend Micro, Mr. Hinner created the identity & authentication strategy at Gemalto, now Thales, that led to the acquisition of SafeGuard.

Ahead of Gemalto, Franz established a cloud strategy, Borland's application lifecycle business & testing solutions to the cloud. These SaaS solutions achieved the goal to make Borland profitable & led to the acquisition of Borland by Micro Focus, during which he became a certified Scrum Master & Agile Coach while living the day-to-day DevOps experience.

Before Borland, Franz had several leadership positions in Product Management at Vignette, Tivoli Systems & IBM. Before moving to the US with Tivoli, Franz worked for Tivoli System as the EMEA chief architect & as the Director of the Center of Competence at IBM in London.

Franz is a published author with Markt & Technik, having written extensively about network protocols & local area networks. In addition, Franz has worked on 8 IBM Redbooks, spanning from topics like LDAP, X.500 to local area network (LAN) solutions & remote access solution sets.

Professional background

Trend Micro

Dir. Product Experience Multi-Tenant & xSP/MSP/MSSP & Chief Strategist SaaS

Gemalto now Thales

Senior Director Product Management & Marketing - Security Solutions


Senior Director Product Advocacy & Management

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Infrastructure and IT Operations

Security Operations

Cyber Risk

Security and Risk Management for CISO Coalition

Cybersecurity Leadership

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Prepare enterprise organizations & risk managers to fight Ransomware & Malware with a tiered approach that covers & secures all inception points like email, network, collaboration infrastructure & EP

2Which technologies & techniques are necessary to protect workers working from home (WFH) and remote workers effectively, efficiently, and holistically by creating a security posture & architecture.

3What are the necessities to successfully expand from endpoint protection to detection and response or extended detection and response while considering existing vendor infrastructure augmentation.

4Help organizations and risk managers to determine the appropriate strategy between vendor consolidation & best of breed security infrastructure, considering their orgs capabilities & processes.

5Determine the best way to protect the user-owned device, connected device & mobility infrastructures with new techniques and disciplines to ensure a compliant & effective security posture for your org