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Georgia O'Callaghan

Director Analyst

I am a Director Analyst with the Analytics & AI team, lead by Carlton Sapp, specializing in business intelligence (tooling, self-service architectures, data literacy, self-service governance, etc.) and feature stores (a tool used in ML model development).

Previous experience

As a Data Officer at the National Institutes of Health I devised and implemented research and clinical data management procedures to increase research efficiency and ensure data integrity for high quality healthcare research. I provided leadership, management and training to a highly motivated team of research assistants and clinicians, instituting a cultural shift to adopt data governance procedures. In addition, I made weekly presentations to stakeholders about participant recruitment, study progression and patient treatment outcomes, leveraging insights from data through the coding of an automated reporting system in R.

Professional background

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

PhD Researcher & Postdoctoral Researcher

National Institutes of Health, USA

Postdoctoral Researcher

National Institutes of Health, USA

Data Officer

Areas of coverage

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Technical Professionals

Data Management Solutions for Technical Professionals


BA Hons, Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

PostGrad Cert, Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Business Intelligence

2Self-service Analytics

3Self-service Analytics Governance

4Business Intelligence Tool Selection

5Feature stores