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Gilbert van der Heiden

Distinguished VP Analyst

As a member of the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation team, Gilbert primarily focuses on enterprise architecture questions: Gilbert covers EA tool and vendor selection, contracting for architecture services, define reference architectures, and translate business architecture to solution or domain architectures for I&O and applications. Gilbert also addresses the architecture roles across the complete enterprise architecture discipline, from strategy to operational levels, in traditional and agile, central or federated, project or product or fusion teams. In regard to Technology Innovation, Gilbert addresses the innovation roles and expectations, and supports digital transformation strategies - including cloud adoption strategies, and legacy modernization - and the implementation and benefits realization for AI and ML, in combination with IoT.

Previous experience

Prior to being a new member of the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation team, Gilbert spent 12 years within Gartner's Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management team. In these years, Gilbert addressed questions on IT services and solutions strategy, selection and contracting, transition and transformation, and IT services management. With an average of 600 inquiries per year, Gilbert addressed application and cloud services, from waterfall to agile and DevOps, crowd and cloud, marketplaces, QA, for large ISVs like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce and some BPO.

Prior to joining Gartner, Gilbert was an outsourcing solution manager at Atos Origin. He set out and was responsible for the technical, service, transition and demand-supply solution for international (out)sourcing engagements.

He also held line management and consulting positions, both internal and external. Through the latter, he built up hands-on experience of the effect of (out)sourcing on a client organization.

Professional background


Distinguished Analyst - Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation


Outsourcing Solution Architect

Areas of coverage

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Leaders

Software Engineering Technologies

Agile and DevOps

CIO Technology and Innovation Leadership

IT Services and Solutions


Degree in Educational Engineering, major in Human Computer Interaction, University of Twente

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How can I translate a business architecture to a solution or technology domain architecture?

2How do I define a Reference Architecture? What are the components, what are the standards, what are the frameworks?

3Who are the (enterprise) architecture services providers or EA tool vendors I should consider?

4How do I spot and qualify emerging technologies and their impact on my business and IT strategy?

5What IA and ML solutions or services should I use to improve my business or IT operations?