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Henrique Cecci

Sr Director Analyst

Henrique Cecci is a Senior Research Director in Gartner Research.

Mr. Cecci's research focus is on providing strategic advice to CIOs and IT leaders on Infrastructure Cloud Strategies, with an emphasis on strategies, technologies, and trends. He is often invited to be a keynote speaker at events and has led several projects, such as conference chair for Gartner I&O events. He frequently advises executives, in large and small enterprises, investors, governments, technology and service providers. He has a strong blend of technical and business skills and a and frequent speaker on topics such as cloud computing and IT infrastructure trends.

Roles and responsibility

Head of Infrastructure and Operations

Data Center Manager or Director


Sourcing Executives

Facilities Manager

Previous experience

Mr. Cecci's experience consists of more than 35 years in IT, including complex international businesses encompassing several industries. Prior to joining Gartner, he was the Director of IT Solutions at Dimension Data, where he was involved in developing numerous innovative client solutions. Before Dimension Data, he was a Technology and Infrastructure Manager at Citigroup, in charge of IT planning and operations for Brazil.

Professional background

Dimension Data

Director of Solutions


Superintendent of Technology and Infrastructure

Data Access

Director of Products

Areas of coverage

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovation and Agility

I&O Organizational Strategy

I&O Operations Management

Data Center Infrastructure

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure


Completed more than 20 postgraduate courses in renowned universities, including Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Sao Paulo, among others

M.B.A., Fundacao Instituto de Administracao, University of Sao Paulo

B.E., Electronic Engineering, Sao Paulo Engineering College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to build a digital Infrastructure strategy?

2What are the best workload placement strategies?

3What are the main forces that will drive the future of digital IT Infrastructure in the next years?

4How to optimize IT infrastructure operational costs?

5What are the 'big picture' in the industry?