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Hiroko Aoyama

Sr Principal Analyst

Hiroko Aoyama is a Senior Principal Analyst in the IT Infrastructure and Security group, focusing on Japanese enterprise infrastructure. Ms. Aoyama provides advice related to Integrated systems and HCI trends, including open-source software such as containers in infrastructure area in addition to compute/server products in Japan.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Aoyama worked as a Chief Researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health Center of Neology and Psychiatry, concentrating on Social Psychiatry, and played a key role in the research with several institutions such as the National Space Development Agency of Japan and the National Institute of Polar Research. She has also worked for a Japanese software vendor as a system engineer and developed and maintained its information system including web, DBMS and several key open technologies.

Professional background

Aplix Corporation

System Engineer

National Institute of Mental Health in Japan

Chief Researcher

Areas of coverage

I&O Organizational Strategy

I&O Operations Management

Data Center Infrastructure


Research, Psychology, Waseda University

M.Ed., Education/Psychology

B.A., Liberal Arts, International Christian University (ICU)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Hybrid cloud from the perspectives of On-premise environments, digital transformation from legacy server systems

2Integrated Systems, HCI

3Compute platform, Data Center/On-premise Trends in Japan

4Virtualization, Containers, Kubernates trends in Japan

5OSS Infrastructure Trends in Japan