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James Boyle

Sr Director, Advisory

James Boyle is a Senior Director within the Gartner IT Leaders Advisory practice. Drawing from 27+ years' experience in business and technology strategic execution, he researches and advises on PMO/EPMO/SRO transformation and Strategic Portfolio Management. Notably, this includes strategic alignment and related planning and execution topics of application portfolio management, agile at scale, projects to products, platform and product management, total experience, business architecture, business agility, and furthering value flow for outcomes.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner his experience spans leadership positions in both public and private sector with several Fortune 500 organizations, in a variety of industries such as high-tech, banking and insurance, utilities, consulting, and provincial government.

Professional background

TD Bank

PMO Digital; Portfolio Director; Transformation Lead; Platform Owner, Architect

Ontario Government

Head, I&IT Strategy & Planning Branch Ministry of Finance and Cabinet


Engagement Manager - Consulting Services

Areas of coverage

Best-in-Class Portfolio Office

Strategic Portfolio Management

Software Engineering Technologies

Software Engineering Practices


- BSc, Brock University

- Master's Certificate Project Management, Schulich School of Business - York University

- MBA (Information Technology Management),Athabasca University

- Executive Certificate in Applied Leadership, Strategic Planning and Execution, Queens University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Transforming the PMO/EPMO to Strategic Realization Office, Value Management Office, Value Realization OfficeO

2Refining Project Portfolio Management to Strategic Portfolio Management and Execution of Mixed Portfolios

3Strategic Portfolio Management Life Cycle for Strategic Alignment and Digital Enablement via Total Experience (TX)

4Scaling Agile, Business Agility, Outputs to Outcomes, Flow of Value

5Product-Centric Delivery, Product line Management, Product Roles, Product Funding Models