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James Hoover

Principal Analyst

James Hoover is an Associate Principal Analyst on the Secure Business Enablement team within the IT Leaders practice.

He provides expertise and guidance in on IAM Program Management, the Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture, IAM professional Services, and Electronic Signature technologies.

Previous experience

Previously, James worked for the Greenville Utilities Commission building and developing an information security and IT risk management program including vulnerability assessment, application whitelisting, privileged access management, and policy creation.

Professional background

Greenville Utilities Commission

Systems Analyst

Areas of coverage

Security of Applications and Data

Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection


M.S, Information Assurance & Cybersecurity, Capitol Technology University

B.S, Information & Computer Technology, East Carolina University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Developing and Maturing Identity and Access Management Programs

2Increasing security posture and future proofing with the Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

3Modernizing Authentication, including Multifactor and Passwordless

4Engaging with Electronic Signature Vendors and implementing successful Electronic Signature initiatives