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Janine Kanters

Sr Principal, Research

Janine Kanters is a Senior Principal Researcher on the Gartner Marketing and Communications Peer and Practitioner Research (PPR) team. Her research helps answer Chief Marketing and Communications Officers' most pressing questions. Her strengths include outside-the-box thinking, pushing 'common sense', and innovative hypothesis generation.

Previous experience

Ms. Kanters has a M.A. in Political Science and Social Statistics from McGill University. She has worked for Public Works and Government Services Canada, Transport Canada, and Parks Canada on various projects prior to joining Gartner.

Professional background

McGill University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Government of Canada

Research Assistant

Areas of coverage

Customer Understanding and Marketing Execution

Marketing Leadership and Management



M.A. Political Science & Social Statistics, McGill University

B.A. Political Science & History, University of Ottawa (Magna cum laude)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Understanding audience mindset and behaviors and how to alter strategies accordingly.

2Creating break through content that helps audiences confidently navigate complex decision-making.

3Uncovering the 'secret sauce' to client success for various initiatives and projects.

4Identifying impactful areas for cross-functional collaboration and complementary proficiencies.