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Jeff Vogel

Sr Director Analyst

Jeff Vogel covers Storage - on-premise, hybrid, public cloud and edge workloads. Mr. Vogel's experience spans 4 decades of Enterprise IT operations, business model, technology, product, M&A and start-up experience that spans 3 generations of compute and storage. Although he dedicates most of his time to the specific needs of IT leaders, he also provides advice to technology executives concerning emerging and innovative technologies, disruptive business models and market strategies. Native multicloud operations experience provides the insights needed to assist both IT leaders and technology companies to assess and deploy cloud platform-based consumption strategies that enable an all-digital economy infrastructure plan other areas of expertise and interest include cloud storage computing architectures (computational storage), use of containers, cloud service expense management, and cloud service pricing models.

Previous experience

Prior to this, Mr. Vogel held executive roles in storage area networking (SAN), disk drive peripherals and data center operations.

Professional background


President and CEO

Calpont / InfiniDB

President and CEO


SVP, Marketing, Strategy, Solutions, Alliances

Areas of coverage

I&O Organizational Strategy

I&O Operations Management

Data Center Infrastructure

Marketing and Communications Leadership and Strategy

Data Center Infrastructure for Technical Professionals


Electrical Engineering and Electronics, DeVry Institute

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Use of storage, cloud, technologies and architecture to address mission-critical priorities.

2Developing and Operationalizing hybrid IT Cloud platforms

3Sourcing, SLA and pricing strategies to address cost optimization, productivity and efficiency objectives.

4Use of vendor storage technologies, tools, AIOps, automation and business model to address data modernization and IT operations

5Hybrid Cloud IT Operations vs. Public Cloud infrastructure for mission critical database applications.