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Jennifer Carter

Principal Analyst

Jennifer Carter is a Principal Analyst in Gartner's CEO and Executive Leadership Research Group. Her guidance centers on executive leadership dynamics - in particular enhancing internal and external relationships, effective collaboration, and increasing influence. She also covers changing culture through the art of culture hacking and taking a people-first approach to change communications. Furthermore, Ms. Carter discusses key aspects of Gartner's Future of Work Reinvented research, including: leadership in remote and hybrid environments, attracting and retaining talent, and implementing a human-centric work design.

Ms. Carter has a passion for evaluating complex organizational and leadership challenges, and utilizes her diverse background to provide guidance that inspires Executives to think outside of the box.

Previous experience

Ms. Carter joined Gartner in 2015 after earning her B.A. in Chinese Languages and Literatures with a minor in German Studies from the University of Florida. For the past six years Ms. Carter has supported operational teams within Gartner and served as a Client Success Manager for both High Tech and Telecommunications Providers and Executive Programs Leaders. During her time in Executive Programs, her industry coverage included: manufacturing, financial services, professional services, life sciences, energy and utilities, oil and gas, education, and retail. Her role centered on understanding Leaders priorities and partnering with former practitioners to build both IT and corporate strategies as well as tracks for culture change and team skills development.

Professional background


Sales Support Specialist


HTTP Client Partner


Senior Client Success Manager, Executive Programs

Areas of coverage

CIO Leadership of Culture and People

Executive Leadership: Talent

Future of Work Reinvented Resource Center

CIO Executive Leadership Development

Executive Leadership: Leadership Dynamics


B.A. East Asian Languages & Literatures Mandarin Chinese, Magna Cum Laude Honors, The University of Florida

Minor in German Studies, The University of Florida

CompTIA ITF+ Certification

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Effective collaboration practices within and above the Executive Leadership Team, as well as cultivating relationships internally and externaly

2Increasing influence within and above the Executive Leadership Team

3Building and enhancing enterprise culture through the art of culture hacking

4Implementing a human-centric work design, and attracting and retaining talent

5Human-centric change communications