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Jessica N Knight

VP, Research

Jessie Knight leads the development of research and implementation tools that address HR executives' most pressing challenges. In her role, Ms. Knight leads a research team that works directly with HR executives to find the root cause of problems, test hypotheses and surface best practices. She has contributed to numerous studies in the areas of change management, work design, leadership and culture, among others. Her team's most recent research includes work on reducing the risk of change fatigue, designing work to optimize responsiveness, and developing data partnerships. Ms. Knight also conducts onsite presentations for clients has been a speaker at multiple Gartner Symposium events across the globe.

Previous experience


Professional background


Vice President

Areas of coverage

Employee Experience

Talent Analytics (retired)

Organization Design and Change Management

Future of Work


B.S., Commerce, the University of Virginia

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Organizational Culture

2Change Management

3Organization Design Principles

4New Employee/Employer Deal

5Talent Analytics