Gartner Expert

Jim Robinson

Sr Director Analyst

Jim Robinson is a Research Director in Gartner Research. His research focuses on enterprise field service management, including agreement management, operations, performance management and mobile workforce management.

Mr. Robinson has over 20 years of field service experience, spanning ERP/field service implementation, development, business process re-engineering and executive leadership.

Roles and responsibility

CIO, VP Service, IT Application Leader, Director Field Service

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Robinson owned strategies for improving time to ROI from software purchase by offering best-of-breed implementation methodologies, change management and technical services. He assisted on product functionality prioritization and SaaS infrastructure.

Professional background

MSI Data

VP Product Management and Technical Services


Director Advanced Services and Business Solutions Architect

Areas of coverage

Applications and Software Engineering Leaders

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience (retired)


Certified Public Accountant, Department of Safety and Professional Services

Accounting, Marquette University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What vendors can help better optimize field service preparation, scheduling and technician enablement?

2How do I measure field service improvements?

3How does field service interact/integrate with CRM, ERP, GIS?

4What technologies, such as IoT, HMDs, wearables, AI, drones should I be evaluating in field service?

5How do field service, customer service and finance interact?