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John Spaeth

Sr Director Analyst

John Spaeth is a Sr. Director Analyst at Gartner specializing in strategic portfolio management (SPM). He has expertise building Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMOs) and Program Management Offices (PMOs) and reengineering established EPMOs/PMOs for increased effectiveness. John provides insight to increase concentration on enterprisewide strategic execution. He also examines more pragmatic considerations to increase effectiveness. Examples include getting the most from Project Portfolio Management (PPM) technologies, streamlining governance controls, and organization structure alternatives. John promotes a people-centric approach that focuses on the changes that must be embraced at all levels of the organization to progressively advance maturity.

Previous experience

John has held EPMO/PMO leadership positions at several regional, national, and global companies in financial services, insurance, automotive and retail industries. As a Program Manager early in his career, he led several enterprise IT programs. Throughout his career, John has concentrated on improving realization of desired outcomes through analysis, communication, and lean principles.

Professional background

AAA, the Auto Club Group

Director, Program Management Office

Ally Financial

Director, Solution Architecture

Ally Financial

Director, Program Management Office

Areas of coverage

Best-in-Class Portfolio Office

Strategic Portfolio Management


Bachelor of Science, Computer Aided Engineering, Eastern Michigan University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Build portfolio management functions and capabilities for effective prioritization and decision making

2Establish program management office (PMO) to manage enterprise utilization of funding and resources

3Streamline enterprise portfolio, program, or project management functions

4Reprioritize programs and projects to accelerate strategic execution and maximize business outcomes

5Improve communication of program and project priorities and increase benefits realization