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Jorge Aragon

Director Analyst

I am an Analyst on the Gartner for Technical Professionals research team. I focus on helping customers architect and modernize their Data Center, Campus and Cloud Networks by leveraging the most efficient technologies and best practices available. I work primarily with the following technologies: Data Center and Cloud Networking, Spine-and-Leaf Network Fabrics, Software-Defined-Networking and Network Virtualization, Campus and Branch/Remote Networks (Wireless and Wired), Network Automation, Network Security and Monitoring.

Previous experience

In previous roles I assisted companies with technical troubleshooting of Data Center technologies and the engineering of network zones and security enforcement for different projects on the Payment Industry. I also worked as network consultant for Telco/ISP Data Centers serving millions of consumers. I have been a key player in several Data Center Transformation and Cloud-First milestones for enterprises during architecture, engineering, automation and migration of workloads.

Professional background

Cisco Systems

Data Center Engineer @ Cisco TAC (Contractor)

Experian Information Solutions

Sr. Network Security Engineer

Liberty Global

Data Center Consultant (Contractor)

Areas of coverage

Data Center Infrastructure

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure

IT Operations and Cloud Management for Technical Professionals

Cloud Computing for Technical Professionals

Data Center Infrastructure for Technical Professionals


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Google Cloud Certified Cloud Engineer - Associate

CNCF Certified Kubernetes Developer - Associate

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to architect my Data Center for a Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Environment?

2How to build and implement a Data Center Network Fabric (i.e EVPN-VXLAN)?

3How to implement an SDN or Network Virtualization Solution?

4How to automate my existing Data Center Network?

5How to secure and monitor my Data Center and Cloud Networks?

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