Gartner Expert

Kristin von Manowski

Managing Vice President

Kristin von Manowski is a Vice President, Team Manager within the Gartner for Product Teams practice, Research and Advisory, working out of sunny Denver, CO. Ms. von Manowski is responsible for managing a team of research analysts across Europe and Asia that provide focused insights and actionable advice to client Technology Product Management teams. Her current team delivers research and analysis of a diverse range of technology markets including AI, ML, NLP, CX, product and customer analytics, converged edge and hyperconverged infrastructure, 5G, mobile and personal technologies. Research analysts on Ms. von Manowski's team identify key market insights that accelerate the development of technology products to market, while managing forces of market disruption and risk.

Ms. von Manowski's technology experience is based on more than 28 years in IT including role as VP Analyst at Gartner. Prior to Gartner Ms. Von Manowski performed in a variety of IT strategy and practitioner roles across multiple technology domains including devices, applications, services and architectures.

Previous experience

At Canon, Ms. von Manowski consulted with Canon leadership regarding market trends, performed primary research and consulted with both internal and external executive teams.

Professional background

Canon Solutions, America

Senior Strategist

Telephone & Data Systems

Technology Strategist

Areas of coverage

Product/Service Organization and Leadership

Product/Service Discovery and Validation

Product/Service Design and Creation

Product/Service Introduction and Delivery

Product/Service Evolution and Management

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