Gartner Expert

Krysta Anthony

Sr Director Consulting

Krysta Anthony joined Gartner Consulting's federal practice in 2018 as an information technology consultant based in Arlington, Virginia. Ms. Anthony brings extensive experience in data analytics, statistical modeling, network analysis and visualization, risk analysis, data management, and operational testing for Department of Defense acquisitions. Additionally, she has experience with intelligence collection, intelligence requirements and reporting, and counterintelligence/human intelligence. Her experience as a data analyst, an intelligence professional, and a Marine Corps officer provide a unique perspective on developing solutions through analytic rigor within the Federal practice with the final user in mind.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Anthony served in the Marine Corps, as both an Intelligence Officer and as an Operations Research Analyst, for over ten years. As an Operations Research Analyst, she led a team of senior operations research analysts, statisticians, and subject matter experts studying the effect of the integration of women into Marine Corps Infantry units, the largest human subject research study the Marine Corps has conducted. She also assisted in the development and implementation of a new, innovative methodology for the quantitative evaluation of cybersecurity risk in operationally realistic test environments to determine the resilience of Marine Corps systems against simulated cyber adversaries. As a Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, she served in a variety of roles as a general intelligence officer and a counterintelligence/human intelligence officer. Of note, she supervised a team of Marines directly supporting the Joint Special Operations Task Force in Philippines that provided human intelligence expertise and reporting to the national intelligence community.

Professional background

U.S. Marine Corps

Operations Research Analyst

U.S. Marine Corps

Intelligence Officer


Master Science and Technology Intelligence, National Intelligence University (in progress)

Master of Science in Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School, 2014

Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Systems Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 2008

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