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Lisa J Unden-Farboud

Sr Director Analyst

Lisa Unden-Farboud is a Senior Director Analyst in Gartner's Technology and Service Provider (TSP) group. She works in the CSP group covering managed mobility services and telecom expense management, communication services and Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS). Lisa also has an expanding focus on solutions for virtual healthcare. Ms. Unden-Farboud also focuses on Communications Product Planning and Strategy and Communications Strategy Execution key Initiatives for Product Leaders, Technology Suppliers, CSP product leaders, CSP Technology leaders, General Managers and Tech CEOs.

She advises both end-user organizations with vendor selection, contract reviews, technology trends); and technology vendors, communication service providers and system integrators/outsourcers, among other vendors for technology trends, go to market, strategic execution, and product planning).

Technology optimization from a cost and efficiency perspective are important areas for enterprises, especially as it is evolving to encompass wider communications related assets beyond traditional fixed and mobile (such as cloud, UCC, IoT, IT) and taking on newer OTT communications such as CPaaS for engagement efficiency.

Prior to her current coverage, Ms. Unden-Farboud focused on healthcare technology solutions for 3 years, enterprise communications services (for 15+ years), which incorporate fixed network services and mobile network services, communications service evolution, and carrier strategies.

Previously, she managed the process and methodologies associated with the global enterprise communications forecast and was the lead analyst specializing in enterprise network services, access services and carrier strategies and evolution.

Ms. Unden-Farboud continues to develop her coverage in the virtual care and managing IoT and 5G use cases in healthcare for TSPs and CSPs.

Previous experience

In a previous position with Gartner, Ms. Unden-Farboud worked in Germany, focusing on the European voice and data communications market, specifically the Germanic markets and broadband development in these countries. Before that, she held the position of Inquiry Desk Manager for Gartner Dataquest's Telecommunications group.

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Unden-Farboud worked at IBM in the Government unit, where she conducted market research and market planning and provided support to the sales team.

Professional background


Sales and Marketing Support

Areas of coverage

Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Management

Customer Acquisition for Tech CEOs

Industry Strategy Execution (retired)

Industry Product Planning (retired)

Industry Markets and Technologies


B.A., high class honors, Business Studies, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1CPaaS Vendor: What are the main technology trends, how is the market growing? End user: Which vendors can provide CPaaS services and what are they?

2IT procurement: TEM vendor selection, when to use telecom expense management (TEM/MMS) and why?

3Applying TEM service provider best practices and pricing expectations

4Vendors: The competitive landscape, TEM evolution, MMS evolution and scalability

5Investors: Opportunities in telecom expense management (TEM) and MMS, TEM/MMS evolution and scalability, Opportunities in CPaaS, vendors, scalability