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Lorri Callahan

VP, Team Manager

Lorri Callahan is a Senior Research Director with Gartner's Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) team. Ms. Callahan's areas of focus include portfolio and program management, enterprise agility, and scaled agile.

Her recent achievements included the design and creation of an agile transformation office focused on achieving business agility as the critical complement to the growing adoption of agile ways of working in IT. She has proven the tangible benefits to be gained by embracing a growth mindset that agile not only inspires but requires to be successful. She knows the challenges inherent in PPM transformation efforts, and values the importance of practical approaches to enable incremental progress to ensure clients' goals are achieved.

Previous experience

Ms. Callahan brings over 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry. Her roles have included leading enterprisewide system implementations, leading IT PMOs, IT strategy development, and agile transformation. Her career has evolved from managing projects of increasing complexity, to organizing and prioritizing programs and portfolios of work, to transforming how traditional PPM meets the needs of digital transformation. Ms. Callahan has also developed dashboards, metrics/KPIs to track performance against expected business outcomes. She has successfully coached business leaders and their teams in the journey of agile adoption. She is a proven leader of program/portfolio management, quality assurance testing teams, and IT sourcing management.

Professional background

Prudential Financial

Vice President, Strategy and Administration

Peterson & Staeger, Inc.

Field Project Manager

Areas of coverage

Program and Portfolio Management Leaders

Strategic Portfolio Management


B.S., Business Administration, Montclair State University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Program and portfolio management

2Agile PMO, agile transformation office, scaled agile

3Operating models, stakeholder management

4PPM as a service

5Enterprise agility