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Marc Kerremans

VP Analyst

Marc Kerremans works as a VP of at Gartner, specializing in business operations management (formerly BPM) as a management discipline and source of technological innovation. Mr. Kerremans researches technology providers, technology futures, the role of business models, business operations models, process models, and user best practices (including the organizational impact and multidisciplinary competency centers). He recently started new research areas on process mining, business operations models and systems, introducing the concept of a digital twin of an organization (DTO), digitalops, autonomic operations, and autonomic business.

Previous experience

Before this position, Mr. Kerremans worked as an independent Market Analyst/Management Consultant in different industries covering areas such as BPM, performance management, organizational transformation and strategic orientation. Services have been delivered to large international organizations (Capgemini, Getronics, Deloitte, Shell, ING, the European Commission, DSM, RJR Tobacco, Belgacom and Trespa) as well as to IT vendor companies (VisionWaves, AuraPortal, Everest, IBM, Oracle, IDS Sheer, Appian and EMC) in business-related areas and IT areas.

Prior to these independent activities, he worked for three years at Gartner as a Research Director in Gartner Research, specializing in BPM as a management discipline and source of technological innovation.

Before this position, he worked as an independent consultant for Getronics and Hessenatie Logistics (a logistics services provider), where he initiated and implemented operational initiatives in different industries (government, insurance, tax and legal, utilities, FMCG and transportation), and implemented one of the first 4PL initiatives.

Before these independent activities, he worked for Soft Cell (a European ERP vendor), where he conceptualized and architected a procurement application based on BPM technology that can be regarded as one of the first commercially available leading-edge BPM applications.

Prior to entering the IT sector, he held several business-oriented managerial positions (CIO, Assistant COO, CFO) in diverse industries.

Professional background

Marker Consulting

Owner/Managing Director


Business Solutions Strategist

Spruyt Plastics


Areas of coverage

CIO Impact on Digital Business Strategy and Execution

Digital Innovation and Enablement Function

Digital Future

Digital Products and Services


M.S., Doctorandus Applied Economics, University of Antwerp

M.S., Business Administration, UFSIA Antwerp

M.S., Advanced Statistics - Postgraduate, University of Edinburgh/University of Antwerp

B.S., Sociology, UFSIA Antwerp

Formerly Ph.D. student, BPM, Catholic University of Leuven

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Operations Management

2Process Mining, Task Mining

3Value, Process Measurements and Process Analytics

4Technological Innovation

5Value Chains, Forecasting and Analytics