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Marcus Blosch

VP Analyst

Marcus Blosch, Ph.D., is a VP of Research on Gartner's Enterprise Architecture team based in Asia/Pacific. He focuses on using Business Architecture to innovate, transform and create adaptive organizations, creating and leveraging business ecosystems and human-centric design and design thinking to to innovate.

Roles and responsibility

VP enterprise architecture

VPs across IT

Project & program managers


CEO & business managers

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, he worked at DHL's global headquarters, driving global change programs as part of DHL's strategy to create a global logistics business focused on providing value-added services. He was responsible for creating and managing the programs that would bring this about, transforming DHL's business model.

Professional background


Business Modeller

Novario International


Lloyds Register

Business Development Director

Areas of coverage

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Leaders


Ph.D., Business School, University of Portsmouth

M.B.A., Henley Management College

B.Eng, honors, Mechanical Engineering, University of Portsmouth

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Business architecture and capability-based planning

2Human-centered design and design thinking

3EA to support innovation and bimodal IT

4Business ecosystems and platform strategy

5Setting up and building an EA practice