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Mark Driver

VP Analyst

Mark Driver is a Research Vice President in the Technology and Service Provider (TSP) division of Gartner, researching emerging technology and trends (ETT) for technology product leaders (tech CEOs, general managers, chief product officers, product managers and product marketers). Mr. Driver's research focuses on the skills, processes, technologies, and trends related to software engineering. Toward this end, he covers a range of TSP strategies related to innovations in software engineering including artificial intelligence, low code, and DEVOPS, among others.

Mr. Driver is also a principal analyst covering both business and technical topic of the open-source software model. He covers many aspects of open-source software, but focuses particularly on vendor business strategies and market impact.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Driver was a Technical Architect and Project Leader for more than 15 years in the IT industry, where he focused on distributed open systems development. He worked in several areas including state government, commercial software vendors and in-house IT groups.

Professional background

MCI Systemhouse

Technical Architect


Internet Technology Manager

State Of Florida

Technical Architect

Areas of coverage

Product/Service Organization and Leadership

Corporate Development and Growth Strategy for Tech CEOs

Product/Service Discovery and Validation

Messaging and Differentiation

Strategize Long-Term Growth (retired)


B.S., Computer and Information Science, Florida State University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are the competitive factors vendors must know to compete in DEVOPS related markets?

2What are the critical partnerships software engineering providers must leverage?

3What do clients and vendors need to know to make better software engineering decisions?

4What are the latest software engineering and DEVOPS trends, and how will they affect clients?

5How can vendors best leverage open-source software adoption challenges and strategies