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Mark O'Neill

VP Analyst

Mark O'Neill advises on strategy for API management and the API economy as part of an overall digital platform and business ecosystem. He advises on how API management relates to products such as security (WAF) and integration (ESBs and iPaaS).

Mr. O'Neill also advises on strategy for banking APIs, including PSD2 in Europe. This includes API security.

With his background in B2B, he covers the usage of APIs for B2B, as well as the relationship between APIs and traditional B2B technologies such as MFT.

Previous experience

Mr. O'Neill began his career at an EDI VAN (value-added network) where he extended B2B networks to use the internet. He then co-founded two companies, acting as CTO at both. At Vordel, he drove API gateway product strategies and wrote the book "Web Services Security" and other guidance on API security and strategy.

Throughout his career, Mr. O'Neill has worked closely with enterprise architects, CIOs and security professionals, providing best-practice architecture for engaging with the API economy, including API monetization strategy, API security strategy and full life cycle API management.

Professional background


VP Innovation


CTO and Co-founder

Delphium Technologies

CTO and Co-founder

Areas of coverage

Applications and Software Engineering Leaders

Software Engineering Technologies

Software Engineering Strategies


B.A., Mathematics and Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1API management including API gateways and API portals

2API security using standards such as OAuth and OpenID Connect

3API integration with iPaaS and ESB

4Banking APIs, including PSD2

5Microservices architecture, service mesh, and how it relates to APIs and SOA