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Masatsune Yamaji

Sr Director Analyst

Through the OEM semiconductor spending research and chip distributor research, Masatsune Yamaji provides actionable advice and quantitative indices to help semiconductor chip vendors consider the sales and marketing strategies, including regional resource allocation, prioritization of target customers, alliances with distributors and long-tail customer cultivation. Mr. Yamaji argues that collaboration with distributors is one of the keys for quick growth in the Chinese market.

Mr. Yamaji also covers the automotive and the industrial electronics market. Technologies related to autonomous driving such as processing, sensing and connectivity are becoming the next growth drivers for chip vendors. Expansion of new energy vehicles also accelerate the growth of power discrete market. Though AI and IoT are becoming important in the industrial electronics market, Mr. Yamaji argues collaboration with distributors and enhancing digital business capability are more important issues for many chip vendors to grow in the industrial electronics market.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Yamaji worked in a distribution company dealing with various types of semiconductor chips and electronic components. Mr. Yamaji was in charge of technical promotion of the products and seeking startup chip vendors that had future growth potential.

Professional background


Strategic Marketing

Areas of coverage

Marketing and Sales Execution for Tech CEOs

Product/Service Design and Creation

Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Impact

Technology Market Essentials


B.A., Language (Spanish), Sophia University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Which regional market should I target to grow effectively?

2Which customers should I target to grow effectively?

3Which distributors should I align with?

4Which industrial electronic equipment market will create the largest opportunity for me?

5How should I cultivate the small-customer semiconductor market?