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Matt Cain

Distinguished VP Analyst

Matthew Cain is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. Mr. Cain is a futurist focusing on the intersection of technology, job skills and workforce culture. He founded Gartner's Digital Workplace and digital dexterity key initiative, which is designed to help executive leaders plan and execute technology strategies that incorporate consumer, workforce and business trends.

Previous experience

Mr. Cain has more than 35 years of IT experience. He joined Gartner in April 2005 with the acquisition of Meta Group, where he specialized in email and collaboration technologies. Before joining Meta Group in 1990, he was the managing editor of MIS Week. He began his career as an editor for Electronic News.

Professional background

Meta Group

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst

Fairchild Publications

Managing Editor, MIS Week; Senior Editor, Electronic News

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Applications


M.A., Columbia University

B.A., Dickinson College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to create and run a digital workplace

2Understanding and boosting employee digital dexterity.

3Integrating future of work trends into technology planning.

4Workforce technology enablement strategies

5How the IT group can work with HR to promote employee engagement/experience