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Owen Chen

VP Analyst

Owen Chen is a VP Analyst in Gartner CIO Research Group, based in China. His research focuses on digital and technology executive leadership, digital business transformation, innovation management, strategy and governance, I&T operating model.

Owen is also the leader of Digital Technology Leadership for CIOs in China key initiative. The key initiative helps CIOs and their teams in China to better work with CEOs and business peers, organize skills and teams, innovate technologies and realize business value of IT.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Chen worked for a number of U.S. and European companies as their IT Manager/Director in China, where he managed the IT organization and delivered the IT solution and services to China's businesses. He started his career as a software engineer developing MRPII software.

Professional background


China IT Director


Senior National IT Manager


China IT Manager

Areas of coverage

CIO Technology and Innovation Leadership

CIO Impact on Digital Business Strategy and Execution

Executive Leadership: Digital Business

Executive Leadership: Innovation and Disruption Management

Digital Technology Leadership for CIOs in China


B.S., Information Science, Fudan University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to develop a digital and technology strategy?

2How to design I&T operating model?

3How to lead innovation management?

4How to demostrate business value of IT?

5How to run IT in China for multinational companies?