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Patryck Allen

Sr Director, Advisory

Patryck Allen is a Senior Director of Gartner's Marketing and Communications Advisory Team. In this role, Dr. Allen advises senior leaders on strategic Marketing and Communications decisions, publishes his own research on emerging issues, and frequently facilitates a wide range of in-person and virtual executive-level discussions on a wide range of topics.

For communications leaders, Dr. Allen frequently advises on building and executing on highly effective strategic plans and Communication strategies, improving employee engagement through more effective messaging, measuring and improving Communication channel effectiveness, and measuring and improving Communications team skills.

For both B2C and B2B marketing leaders, Dr. Allen frequently advises on building/executing on strategic marketing plans, developing content strategies, and improving company understanding of their customers through initiatives like building customer personas and customer journey maps.

Previous experience

Dr. Allen has five years of experience working with CIOs on key strategic challenges, specializing in IT Strategic Planning, IT Service Management, Roadmapping, and Information Risk.

He has Strategy Consulting experience; predominantly helping organizations develop growth strategies and manage commercial due diligence through M&A.

Professional background




Senior Executive Advisor

Areas of coverage

Internal Communications

External Communications

Communications Function and Team Leadership

Message and Channel Management

Critical Skills and Competency Development


Ph.D., Chemistry

Bachelor of Science, With Honors 1

Graduate Certificate, International Business

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Creating and executing on highly effective strategic plans

2Defining and activating the corporate identity and brand from both internal and external perspectives

3Improving the effectiveness of internal change communications

4Measuring marketing and communications effectiveness to prioritize areas of improvement

5Running an effective Marketing and/or Communications team