Gartner Expert

Pulkit Pandey

Principal Analyst

Pulkit Pandey covers Business Strategy for the telecom industry, including 5G ecosystem and AI adoption and value proposition of these capabilities.

Research positions are basis the factual study of these sectors, client inquiries, primary and secondary surveys, and his constant zeal for telecom sector.

Client Inquiries include vendors, CSPs, government, and investors.

Current Research interests include:

- 5G Competitive Landscape

- 5G Business Strategy

- AI in Telecom Strategy (Network, Business and Customer Operations)

- Helping CSPs build a commercialization strategy across 5G business

- Helping industry understand 5G beyond just telecom, as an enabler of various use cases

Previous experience

Prior joining Gartner, Mr. Pandey supported various leading telecom vendors with their 5G and IoT strategy. He has supported these vendors with detailed analysis of various Communication Service Providers (CSPs) for them to understand the market scenario and technology uptake.

He has helped his clients to understand the CSP's expense and areas to focus to expand their account share. He prepared an overall business landscape of the CSPs for his clients.

Professional background


Senior Business Analyst

BIS Research

Research Associate

Areas of coverage

CSP Digital Transformation and Innovation

Technology Market Essentials

Communications Product Planning and Strategy

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Demands by CSPs for AI

25G Use Cases in Various Industries

35G Monetization and what to focus on

4Vendors: 5G adoption by CSPs

5CSPs: 5G Deployment and Spectrum allocation