Gartner Expert

Rebecca Boring Archambault

Sr Director Analyst

Provide advice for clients, leaders and professionals regarding Identity and Access Management. Specific coverage areas are Leadership, IAM Program and IAM Governance.

Previous experience

I was responsible for IAM Strategy. We implemented an IAM program, which included gathering and communicating with Stakeholders, Understanding our Current State and provided a vision for our Future state. I also participated with the H-ISAC Identity Committee, helped to author several Identity papers and led their Identity working Group. I worked with the Blues Association to advise on Identity-related topics, including Identity's role in Interoperability.

Professional background

Highmark NY

Trusted Identities Leader


Global IAM Operations Head

Areas of coverage

Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection

Manufacturing Digital Transformation and Innovation


H-ISAC Identity Committee Member

Led H-ISAC Identity Working Group

Customer Advisory for IDSA

Founder, Leader of the Western New York Identities Working Group.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1I can advise leadership around IAM, and how to implement and maintain an IAM Program

2I will help you provide insight for Stakeholders, specifically the importance of Identity and how it can influence Business Outcomes

3I can help you to define your IAM current state, understand maturity and outline gaps

4I can advise the role that People, Technology and process will play in your Identity journey.

5I can advise of future trends as it pertains to IAM and how to future proof your organization

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