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Roberta Cozza

Sr Director Analyst

Roberta Cozza is a Senior Director Analyst at Gartner's Tech Product Manager team within the Technology and Service Providers research unit. Here she advises TSPs on product planning, technology/product roadmaps and product differentiation.

Furthermore, Ms. Cozza has a special focus on advising product managers on best practices and impacts of device technologies and ecosystems, human machine interactions, and evolution of UX Design in product teams. Her research also covers digital product development, devices/intelligent things competitive landscape, Edge AI, AI and user interactions in emerging smart spaces, virtual personal assistants(VPAs). Additionally, she leads Gartner device share, forecasting, and insights for Western Europe.

In 1998, Ms. Cozza joined Gartner Primary Research Centre as an Associate Analyst developing primary research on IT-based projects; she then moved in 2000 into the Client Computing group as Device Market Analyst before becoming Agenda Manager for device/device technologies.

Previous experience

Previously, Ms. Cozza worked with the Gartner European Primary Research Center as an Associate Analyst, coordinating and developing primary research on IT-based projects. For six years, she was part of the Gartner Client Computing group, where she was focused on devices market trends in EMEA.

Areas of coverage

Product/Service Discovery and Validation

Product/Service Design and Creation

Product/Service Evolution and Management

Messaging and Differentiation

Technology Market Essentials


Bachelor's Degree, Modern Foreign Languages, University of Calabria, Italy, Cum Laude

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Vendors: Advice/insight on competitive positioning, product strategy and technology roadmaps for devices

2End Users: Understanding smartphone/wearable adoption trends in enterprise, advice on device selection and BYOD/CYOD

3Vendor: Insight on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual personal assistant (VPA) adoption in devices, wearables, smart things

4Vendors/Investors: Advice on market opportunities, leveraging share and forecasts for mobile devices (hybrids, wearables and smartphones) and OS outlook (Android, Microsoft/Windows, Apple/iOS/Mac OS)

5Vendors: Identify gaps in handset/wearable vendor portfolio; build value proposition, go-to-market strategy in Europe