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Robin Schumacher

Sr Director Analyst

Robin Schumacher is a Senior Research Director and Analyst for the database market in general and also advises product management and marketing organizations within database companies on strategy, direction, and execution. Mr. Schumacher is a former database developer/ administrator and software executive who has built and led numerous database product management teams leading to #1 IPO's and company acquisitions. He has had the distinction of running product at three of the top ten most popular databases in the world.

Mr. Schumacher has 30+ years of hands-on database experience, specializing in database tools, database platforms, and open source. He has worked with both large Fortune 500 companies as well as small venture-backed startups in both product management and product marketing.

Previous experience

Oversaw product management organization (including docs and developer relations) for three of the top databases in the world.

Professional background


Chief Product Officer


Director of Product Strategy


Director of Product Management

Areas of coverage

Data Management Solutions

Product/Service Organization and Leadership

Product/Service Discovery and Validation

Product/Service Design and Creation


Ph.D; Masters; Bachelors

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Where is the database market headed, who are the innovative leaders, and why?

2How do I build intelligent product strategies, roadmaps and business models that outsmart the competition??

3What strategies, techniques and processes should I use to ensure I achieve product market fit?

4How do I build high-octane product management teams that work hand-in-glove with the rest of my organization?

5How can I correctly use open source to grow my business vs. compete with it?