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Ross Olivier Fomerand

Director Analyst

Mr. Fomerand is a Director Analyst for Gartner specializing in Cloud Automation and Devops. He has 19 years of experience in the industry cutting his teeth with RedHat Linux back in 2002. Mr. Fomerand is an expert in implementing Devops methodology specifically related to cloud and on premise Kuberenetes infrastructure, specifically Openshift, Docker, Podman, and Gitops methodology. Mr. Fomerand is an expert in deploying Ansible Tower infrastructure as well as creating Ansible roles and playbooks and using test automation through molecule to scale the configuration management infrastructure. He has extensive experience with architecting monitoring frameworks such as Nagios, Dynatrace and Prometheus.

Previous experience

Lead Engineer of both the Platform and Linux Team for Centene, managing engineers all around the world using the follow the sun model and Agile. Architected the OpenShift 4 on premise infrastructure on vmware. Automated the install of OpenShift 4.2-4.5 on VMware using Ansible. Created numerous ansible playbooks to assist in the execution of common OpenShift tasks such as cordoning misbehaving nodes, destroying nodes and standing up new nodes. Authored over 200 Ansible playbooks for various use cases ranging from installing Anaconda to deploying entire Machine Learning Application stacks. Re-Engineered Centene's Nagios instance to incorporate a custom severity matrix based upon severity levels defined by Centene's problem management team. Worked with the Dynatrace team to enable a self-service install of Dynatrace through Ansible Tower. Held numerous classes mentoring co-workers on how to effectively use Kuberentes, OpenShift, Ansible, Ansible Tower and Gitlab.

Professional background

Centene Corporation

Lead Platform Engineer/Lead Linux Engineer

Wellcare Health Plans

Senior Systems Engineer


Senior Linux Systems Engineer

Areas of coverage

I&O Operations Management

Infrastructure Security

Cyber Risk


Bachelors of Computers Science from Mercy College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1OpenShift 4 Platform Deployments

2GitOps implementation

3Kubernetes implementations

4Ansible Tower Roles and Playbook creation

5RedHat Linux Performance Tuning