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Ruggero Contu

Sr Director Analyst

Ruggero Contu is part of a team of analysts who research the emerging security technologies and trends that are impacting commercial and consumer sectors. Focusing on technology product leaders such as tech CEOs, general managers, chief product officers, product managers and product marketers, Mr. Contu develops strategic advice on leveraging emerging technologies and trends to create and deliver highly successful products and services.

In his role as Research Director, Mr. Contu has also been advising Gartner end-user clients on the topics of operational technology (OT) security and threat intelligence, as part of broader research on information security during the last 17 years.

He launched and chaired in 2015 the first Gartner India Security and Risk Summit, until 2017. Mr. Contu's long-standing research focus on the information security market has enabled him to develop a deep understanding of the technology trends, competitive dynamics and main issues affecting security professionals and technology and service providers (TSPs) in this area.

Alongside his broad coverage of key security technology sectors, Mr. Contu has lately been expanding his coverage on Internet of Things (IoT)-operational technology (OT) security, cloud-based security and threat intelligence services. His research on security is particularly focused on regional trends. His work with TSPs gained him considerable experience in providing advice on the design of optimum go-to-market, product and messaging strategies. This role allows Mr. Contu to help security vendors plan future investments that are aligned with the market direction, security buyers understand how emerging trends can impact their security programs or budgets, and investors identify global growth opportunities for security.

Previous experience

In his previous role at Gartner, Mr. Contu was the leading worldwide market analyst for the IT operations management (ITOM) area. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Contu worked at Pernod Ricard, where he helped implement an ERP system dealing with security-related aspects.

Professional background


Principal Research Analyst

World Brands Duty Free (Pernod Ricard Group)

Sales and Operations Executive (Supporting ERP Implementation)

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Infrastructure and IT Operations


M.S., Information Security, Royal Holloway, University of London

B.A., European Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London, With Honors

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Security vendors: Go-to-market planning, product review, comp. landscape, service expansion

2Security vendors: Acquisition, partnering and ecosystem planning for forward-looking trends

3Security investors: Emerging security technologies and trends, major security market disruptions

4Enterprise security buyers: Key security trends for budgeting and forward planning

5Enterprise security buyers: Project strategy for threat intelligence services, endpoint security, cloud security projects