Gartner Expert

Sanchi Bhat

Director, Research

In the last two years at Gartner, Sanchi Bhat has generated insights by conducting interviews with the Heads of I&O to create products (such as case studies, issue explorers, short insight pieces etc.). The range of products that Ms. Bhat has produced spans from the Emerging Technology Roadmaps to case-studies on creating infrastructure products to support digital business transformation initiatives (For e.g. Optimize Infrastructure for IT Product Lines (Nedbank), The Product-Centric Infrastructure Organization (adidas)). She takes a keen interest in answering queries related to reshaping I&O's offerings as commercially run products that can meet the enterprise demand for speed and agility, and at the same time maintain reliability and efficiency.

Previous experience

At Euromonitor International, Ms. Bhat focused on critically evaluating the business environment in 85 core countries; which included country-wide analysis related to Doing Business and Taxes, Operating and Political Risks, Access to Finance, Transport and Infrastructure, Communications and Technology, Education and Skills and Employment as well as Wages. She created reports that enabled her to provide special economic insights about various countries. Her products were targeted to understand the link between macroeconomic trends and different domestic and international markets, with a particular emphasis on the labour market.

Professional background

Euromonitor International

Economies and Consumer Analyst

Areas of coverage

I&O Organizational Strategy


MSc. in Economics, University of Warwick

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1I&O's Role in the Enterprise Move to Digital Business Transformation

2Changing the Culture of I&O To Support Speed and Agility

3Emerging Technology Roadmapping for the Future of I&O

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